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The Prompts/About Us/Links

The 35-prompts-challenge was started by :iconcassedegaftw: on one of her old accounts as a little challenge and eventually grew into a little club, and now a group!

It is about two years running I believe.

It is a list of prompts or pictures to take just for fun when you can't think of anything else to do!

We did advertise that we would give a free month membership to the first person to finish.

We will try our hardest to do that. But cassedegaftw is a soon to be high school graduate and Syntropy isn't made of money either. But we will try.
We will.

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Again, we are still looking for someone to run this group.
I really have no more motivation to run it,
if I don't get someone soon I will probably close it, or something.
Probably not but no one is really running it, and it isn't fair to you guys.
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Prompt 14
They had nothing to say to each other. She was filled with the angst of knowing the truth and he was filled with the bitter revelation of knowing what he’d done. She’d already mulled over everything that had happened the night before, crying herself to sleep and screaming to each and every one of her teddy bears. Now her throat was sore but she couldn’t speak; refused to say everything she’d said to the mirror last night, pretending it was him. Saying it out loud, saying it straight to his face would only make this great, horrible act seem more official. Letting out everything she’d wanted to say the night before had left her empty of words, and all she could do was stare at him in shock and disappointment.
He, in turn, could not look her in the eye. Her purity both made him love her and drove him to antoher woman and now it was staring at him with such open betrayal. He waited for her to speak, staring at the ground, his dirty fingernails, his shoelaces, anywh
:iconxcheerfulpessimistx:xCheerfulPessimistx 5 7
Human Nature
      Grief is one of the many things that everyone can be familiar with. Unfortunately it comes along with happiness and love, because you can't grieve without those two. As you grow happier, and love more, you begin to root your trust in these things that create those emotions. They become your earth, and you can't live without them. But the very moment that they're gone, you're lost to the world and become the coldest you've ever been. You can't tell how long that winter will last, but it seems like forever; and sometimes can be. The one thing that keeps you going is anger; something that burns inside to combat the cold exterior. It's the only way that your body knows how to survive the grief that it itself had laid path for. The only reason that you can think of to continue surviving, because certainly what creates the fire must be combated and otherwise dealt with. But, eventually you may find your footing again and lay on the cool ground with the tho
:iconbuuyokitty:buuyokitty 1 1
Lighting Dawn
They had nothing to say to each other, though goodbye had torn through his throat and was scratching at his teeth, desperate to get out.The car had pulled through the six a.m. silence to stop at his door and they had done nothing but stare since he got in.
(Sometimes words aren’t enough.)
This was it, the beginning of never-again. As eyes met, all he could think was he’d never find that exact shade of blue again.
Then there was a plane ticket pressed into his hand and a smile that made the welling tears glow.
The car pulled them from the curb, hauled them toward the horizon. The ticket became the beginning of always.
Dawn never burned so bright.
(Sometimes words are too much.)
:iconeternalember:EternalEmber 6 25
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35 Prompts Challenge- Prompt 4
4. Write about the biggest lie you’ve ever told
The biggest lie that I’ve ever told is one that I tell everyday. It just rolls off my tongue, an automatic response. It has its variations, it changes slightly each day. It goes with a smile, a fake, forced smile. What amazes me most is that people believe it. They don’t want to know the truth, so they blindly believe the lies they are fed. Even if they know it’s a lie, they just accept it; don’t bother to find out the truth. Maybe they are scared of the truth? Or maybe they just are too tired to deal with it. But I am not the only one who tells this lie to protect others. It’s an often heard phrase, a well practised lie… “I’m fine”
:iconpantherschild:PanthersChild 2 3
The Koi Painting
I remember that old Chinese painting my father bought a few years back. Back then, it wasn’t old. Fresh and crisp it was, that roll of pristine parchment, with the glorious colours of the painting splayed across it. It was kept in a greeny-blue, long thin rectangular box that was cut in the middle, so that we could let the precious painting roll out from either side, unroll it fully and let observers behold its majestic beauty.
But we neglected it when we flew over from Singapore, the painting amongst the numerous objects brought back to my birth home, the island continent Australia. We were living in a rented house for the first three years of our re-established Australian lives, and the house was crammed to the top with aged books. There was simply no space for the painting to hang.
Even then, it was lost in the garage of junk we possessed. As a typical busy Australian family, we weren’t bothered to move our lazy arses into a dusty garage and search for it, let alone take d
:iconjulietcaesar:julietcaesar 12 18
Through the Fence
I stand here now, a stranger in the land of my childhood. To look through this fence is to look through a mesh of clouded memories, where my past dangled, tempting me to return. The loneliness, the nostalgia, the pain. The longing, the lost cause and the dream. But I know I will always stand outside this fence, never to return to my past.
So close, but yet so far. My past, lurking behind this foul green fence, spiderwebbing across the perimeter, expanding till it formed rhombus patterns. There were holes that I could put my fingers through, scrabbling against the tough wire it was made of, but my body would never make the transition to the other side. Just as there were things that I could reclaim from my past, but I could never return to it.
Oh look, the goalpost. How long ago was it now? The gym equipment never appealed to me, even though all the girls hung out there. I didn’t care whether I was the only girl among boys to shun the equipment. We played the beautiful game, on tur
:iconjulietcaesar:julietcaesar 4 14
Play Me by Sidekick59 Play Me :iconsidekick59:Sidekick59 24 169
10 .:35 Prompts Challenge:.
Every day spent Shaking, Breaking down,
Paves a path to Joyful, Stable ground.
:iconsyntropy:Syntropy 0 0
35 Prompts challenge- Prompt 1
Prompt 1- Close Your Eyes Briefly. Think of one object that’s in the room and focus on it. Without Opening your eyes, recall as much detail as you can about it. After 3 minute or so, open your eyes and write about that object without looking at it
The plastic toy guitar that hangs on the shelf above my father’s work desk makes quite possible one of the vilest sounds I have ever heard. It is only about 30 cm long, but the screeches and squeals that this toy emits are enough to scare a banshee away. I remember when he bought it at a fete a few years ago. It was sitting at the White Elephant stall, made from plastic and painted gold and black. A potential customer, a little boy of maybe 9 walked passed and picked it up, pressed a button, and made a face of pain at the crazy squeals. He promptly put it down, and walked away. My dad had heard the sound, and he wondered over to the stall. He too picked it up, pressed a button and made a face. His face, however, was a face of joy an
:iconpantherschild:PanthersChild 1 10
Questions 1 and 2
1- Close Your Eyes Briefly. Think of one object that’s in the room and focus on it. Without Opening your eyes, recall as much detail as you can about it. After 3 minute or so, open your eyes and write about that object without looking at it:
It's battered, big and clunky, and not even a year old. It's been dropped, battered, smashed, killed, locked, and stolen. Covered in silver paint, chipped a bit to show the tough white plastic beneath. On the top, a lens, small, very low quality, and down a bit lower, a built in music player. Just like an i-phone, I thought when I bought it, exept you know how to use it, and it's not expensive as hell. it's unbrakeable, proven by my cousin (oops, was his appropriate nickname), when he dropped it on hard poolside cement. It's durable, shown by playing Panic at the Disco in my pocket, while my friend and I were struggling to get out of waste deep mud, that was sucking us in deeper and deeper. And, of course, it holds the weirdest calls, like the
:iconkamalama:KamaLama 1 4
Question 3
3.List 20 things that annoy you. Pick one and write about it.
1. George Buch
2. Everything
3. Nothing
4. txttalk
5. Mystery shows with suck ass acting
6. God
7. Being sick
8. counting to twenty while being sick
9. My mom
10. Saying something is EXTREMELY AWESOME! when it really sucks.
11. Liars
12. People who lie about lying
13. Drugs
14. Alchohol
15. Pencils
16. Books that are better on the inside cover, than in the actual book
17. Erasers
18. 'Populars' (jerks with big egos and too tiny dress sizes)
19. (another liar one) People who call you a liar, even when you are telling the truth.
20. Homophobes
Populars...Where did the term even come from? They aren't popular, they're mean, jerkish, and they will push you around. Let's change the name populars now. How about bully? Sounds very highschool, but it's true. Now, I must say, it is fun when they start fighting with you, and you know exactly what to say to hit that special nerve. And that nerve takes them out, in one single punc
:iconkamalama:KamaLama 3 2
Number 4.
4. Write about the biggest lie you’ve ever told
This one is a thinker. I hate lies, with a burning passion. There is no tolerance for lying to me. I guess the biggest lie I told was in second grade. My friend used to have this 'imaginary friend' named Sarah. Well, I guess it was this imaginary murderer. I swear, scariest year of my life. Whenever she came over to my house, or I went to her's, Sarah would always try to kill me. I told her I believed her, but no I didn't. It was insane really, because Sarah would shoot me with a gun and I would become infected and die. Or so my friend had said. And she would have to give me loads of medication and do these special tests on me so I wouldn't die. This went on for two years. I asked her about it in fifth grade, and she said she didn't remember any of it. So I guess that was the biggest lie the either of us ever told.
:iconkamalama:KamaLama 0 4
Question 5
This got deleted once and now I'm pissed
5. Write for 10 minutes using “I used to think…”as your starter
I used to think
I used to think
The world was normal
Everyone was happy
Everyone was the same
No one died
Barney was cool
Santa would hate you
If you ever saw him
If you talked to someone
They were instantly your friend
Strangers were nice
and gave you candy
That I was magical
When cars passed
the shadow they made
would eat me
Listening to the Dixie Chicks
Made me an awesome hockey
But now I know
The world is strange
No one is ever genuinely happy
No one is the same
Everyone dies
Barney is a drug dealer
Santa is dead
and has been
If you talk to someone
And your a little strange
They hate you
Strangers kill little kids
I'm not magic
Shadows are things blocking out light
And only those things can eat me
I don't like sports
And sports don't like me
Face it.
Reality sucks<i>
:iconkamalama:KamaLama 1 2


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